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The development trend of seismic data processing is closely related to the demand and development of oil and gas exploration and development. The innovation of geophysical exploration theory and method is the only way to solve the global geophysical problems in the future. These problems are summed up as follows:
Seismic data acquisition and processing in mountainous areas with undulating ground up to several thousand meters. This is a great challenge to the future geophysical technology, and the reserves of petroleum resources in these areas also have great potential.
Underground structures are complex. It is difficult to collect oil and gas. Conventional geophysical theories and methods are not competent for oil and gas exploration in these complex fields.
Follow-up studies put forward high requirements for seismic data processing: high fidelity, high resolution, high signal-to-noise ratio, correct migration and accurate velocity field, etc.
In more and more cases, the preconditions and assumptions of traditional geophysical theories are no longer applicable, and new theories and methods must be developed to solve them.
The development trend of seismic data processing is as follows:
From conventional processing to target processing development
Development from post stack processing to pre stack processing
Processing development from time domain to depth domain
Development of P-wave processing to multiwave processing
Developing static correction technology to solve the problem of static calibration of complex surface; developing velocity estimation technology of anisotropic media; developing Superposition Technology of anisotropic media; developing migration technology of anisotropic media; developing migration technology of real surface; developing frequency absorption compensation technology and so on. Solve these problems and promote seismic data processing technology to better serve for oil and gas exploration and development.
After more than ten years of research and practice, Hengtai Epp has developed a series of related software products and technologies, which can effectively solve the above problems. With these software technologies, Hengtai Epp provides consulting services for many oil fields and institutions at home and abroad, and achieves good results in practical application.