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Current software producets of LandOcean propriety are as blow:


                        Seismic Data Processing
                        LD-DPSTM process        Conventional seismic data processing system
                        LD-PROTM process        Innovative seismic data processing system for complex geologic conditions
                        LD-SAGATM statics         Fast global optimization statics
                        LD-DEPSTM migration   3D pre-stack time/depth migration
                        LD-SIMOTM model          Wave-equation forward modeling

                        LD-NCITM process         Co-parallel seismic data processing system
                        LD-SEMTM statics           Based on equivalent near-surface velocity model
                        WPDECONTM                  Broad-band Wavelet Deconvolution


                        Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Interpretation
                        LD-ADESTM interpret     3D seismic interpretation system
                        LD-EPSTM image           Spectral imaging and interpretation for reservoir
                        LD-EPSTM reservoir       Post-stack inversion and reservoir prediction
                        LD-GMAXTM reservoir     Pre-stack inversion and reservoir description 
                        LD-FRSTM fracture         Integrated characterization of fractured reservoirs 


                        Reservoir Development
                        LD-MKT simulator           Reservoir numerical simulator
                        LD-MGviz                          3D Visualization and interpretation

                        IHS-Petra Plus                 Integrated reservoir characterization
                        IHS-PSG                           Oil Exploration Tool-kit


                        Database and Geological Mapping

                        DF-GVision                      Geological mapping system

                        DF-GeoGallery               Petroleum Geology Graph Managing System 

                        DF-EIS                             Exploration Information Integrated Application System

                        DF-GeoArchives            Geology archives managing system

                        DF-FOXwell                     Well log interpretation and correlation

                        DF-FOTools                    Inverse fault interpretation tool

                        DF-V2C                            Velocity model and depth conversion for 2D maps