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EPoffice DevelopDes

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EPoffice DevelopDes
Economic evaluation and decision making system for oil and gas field development projects
The Economic Evaluation and Decision System (DevelopDes) of Oil and Gas Field Development Projects is one of the integrated series of application software products of Hengtai Aipu Petroleum and Natural Gas Technology Services Co., Ltd. The software is positioned in the project investment decision analysis of the development plan and development plan formulation of oil production plants, research institutes and economic analysis units. Work, the software system is mainly based on the content requirements of national financial and taxation regulations, industry standards and enterprise standards to realize economic evaluation and decision-making analysis of oil and gas field development projects, and to provide efficient and accurate economic reference for Leaders'decision-making.
Software features
A set of systems can complete all functions of new projects, expansion projects and multi project merger evaluation.
The selection of evaluation methods and parameters in the software conforms to the relevant specifications of the petroleum industry.
The technical function of key parameter checking ensures the relative rationality of data entry.
The perfect data management facilitates the users to reuse the evaluation data and results.
Flexible parameter input facilitates user organization and management of basic data.
The beautiful graphic results and interactive output of the financial statements results in convenient user application.
Detailed chart output and economic evaluation results analysis report save users the analysis time of evaluation results and facilitate the direct application of the results.
The effective combination of economic evaluation process and decision-making technology improves the comprehensiveness and scientificity of project optimization decision-making.
The design of the interface traces the current trend of popularity and makes the operation more humane and conforms to the working habits of the applicants.
The general data interface technology is provided, which can satisfy the data management requirements of users for various common databases.
software function
The software system has the economic evaluation and decision analysis of the following types of projects:
1. According to the progress stage of the project, economic evaluation and decision-making analysis can be carried out for newly-built and developed oil and gas fields.
2. According to the types of oil and gas in the project, it can satisfy the economic evaluation of gas field, oil field and oil and gas field development projects.
3. According to the oil classification of the project, it can meet the economic evaluation of heavy oil and conventional oil products.
4. According to the time point of project evaluation, it can satisfy the economic evaluation of pre-research, pre-evaluation, mid-evaluation and post-evaluation projects.
The specific functions are as follows:
1. Development project management: provide flexible project subordinate units, project names, project names and project and program copy, paste, delete and other management operations, and also provide information annotation function and fast positioning search function of project plans.
2. Systematic management of data: Through database, the storage and management of basic data, intermediate operation data and result data of development projects and evaluation schemes are realized, which facilitates user's inquiry of projects and schemes and parameter analogy among different schemes, and also improves the reusability of basic data.
3. Parameter management: According to different schemes, different types of oil and gas, different occupancy of data and different evaluation habits, flexible input of price parameters, tax parameters, cost data, industry parameters, special income payments and other parameters is provided.
4. Estimation of investment: Estimation of exploration investment by various means and investment of fixed assets including development drilling, surface system engineering, oil production engineering and so on.
5. Development outline design: The software provides a variety of methods to assist users to complete the prediction of drilling number, oil and gas production, fluid production, water injection and water cut and other development indicators, providing the function of development outline design for economic evaluation.
6. Measurement of financial indicators: Complete the calculation of dynamic and static economic indicators, such as financial internal rate of return, financial net present value, investment payback period, investment profit margin, investment interest rate and social cost-benefit index (Figure 1).