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Quality Control Committee

Quality Control Committee

Quality Control Committee


  Responsibilities of the Quality Control Committee of LandOcean:

  1. quality control of technical services;

  2. assessment and demonstration of technical services contracts;

  3. review of the project design;

  4. quality control of check points during the implementation process; supply of experimental scheme to difficult issues;

  5. internal audits at each phase, examination of the final results and supply of suggestions for revision;

  6. creation of quality incentive & punishment program according to relevant ordinance;

  7. improvement to technical service quality and customer service standard;

  8. supply of infrastructure for LandOceans Quality Management System;

  9. incessant improvement to services, products and craft.

  LandOcean attaches importance to quality in all services, in every software product, every contact withcustomers and every multi-functional team.

  LandOcean pays much attention to property and customer support services. After registration of ISO 9001:2008, LandOcean will strictly comply with the system and accept examination every half year. To achieve the companys mission, we will strive to meet requirements from any customer.

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