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  Since its establishment, LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd. has regarded health, safety and environmental (HSE) as the lifeline of enterprise development. LandOcean has sound and advanced HSE management system.As director of HSE Management committee of LandOcean, president is responsible for HSE management and implementation, who has changed from the traditional ‘passive afterwards’ and ‘experience-based’ management to ‘active in advance’ and ‘preventive’ management. In the belief that all accidents are preventable, all staff should be involved, management method should be systematic and normalized, and dangers should be identified and controlled in time, the company is equipped with systematic management pattern, which greatly improves the HSE management level, corporate image and comprehensive competitiveness.

  The functions of HSE are as followed:

  1) to implement relevant HSE guidelines, policies, rules, regulations and standards of national, local government and higher authorities;

  2) to examine and determine corporate HSE objectives and plans;

  3) to inspect and supervise the implementation of HSE;

  4) to regularly learn about HSE management report and solve big problems in HSE management;

  5) to offer decisions about big accidents