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Human resources

Postdoctoral research station

Postdoctoral research station

Postdoctoral research station

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  Approved by the National Boss Management Office and the Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hengtai Aipu Group Co., Ltd. is a post-doctoral research station of Haidian Park Enterprise in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. Since 2011, it has cooperated with post-doctoral mobile stations in universities to recruit post-doctoral students. scientific research.

 Hengtai Epp company postdoctoral workstation recruitment direction:

 1. Discipline and major (research direction):

 1. Geology

(1) Mineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Depositology, (2) Structural Geology
2. Geophysics
(1) Oil storage geophysics, (2) Solid geophysics
3. Marine Science
(1) Marine geology
4. Geological resources and geological engineering
(1) Mineral survey and exploration, (2) Earth exploration and information technology
5. Oil and gas engineering
(1) Oil and gas field development project, (2) Oil and gas well engineering
6. Information and Communication Engineering
(1) Signal and information processing
7. Computer Science and Technology
(1) Computer application technology
Second, the basic requirements for applying for admission
He has recently obtained a doctoral degree at home or abroad, with excellent academic performance and good health; he is generally under 40 years of age; he has good research ability, communication skills and teamwork spirit; he has professional achievement goals.
Third, the human resources department contact information
Tel: 010-56931190, Email: hr@ldocean.com.cn