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News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2015 ADIPEC

News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2015 ADIPEC

News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2015 ADIPEC

2015/11/16 14:45
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  The 2015 ADIPEC was formally opened in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates. This exhibition focuses on the oil engineering technology and the equipment and accessories of oil industry.

  Since its inception in 1984, ADIPEC has become one of the top three influential exhibitions of the world with OTC in Houston and CIPPE in Beijing. Although expenditure of oil and gas is retrenching in the rest of the world, it is growing in Middle East. The scale of ADIPEC achieved a higher record this year, it attracted 85,000 attendances (which is 12% higher than the last year), more than 2,000 exhibiting companies from 120 nations, among which more than 200 companies are from China.

  The General Manager Assistant---Mr. Deng Lianjun led the LandOcean delegation of 14 colleagues from International Business Department, subsidiary EPT, Sincep, JAS, Huadong Oil, Omax, Dinghong Oil, Debang Oil and iRock Technologies.

  LandOcean displayed the general overview of the company across the 4 days of the show, demonstrated the technical features and products as required of visitors, introduced special technologies and services of LandOcean with worldwide reputation which are integrated exploration and development software EPoffice, reservoir geological service, digital oilfield, digital pipe, integrated engineering service, winch, logging instrument, ground measurement equipment, solid and water waste dispose equipment, cement slurry system, drilling fluid, oil recovery auxiliary agent and so on. LandOcean also had a good conversation about the potential partnership with visitors from major oil and service companies of Middle East and Africa

  It was the first time that LandOcean demonstrated the overall development of the company in the exhibition, it was also getting the attention of local and area clients. The senior leader of Abu Dhabi chamber of commerce went to LandOcean’s booth and negotiated the cooperative plan, some leaders of major Chinese oil companies also visited company’s booth.

  Thanks to all clients for your attention and support.

  The senior leader of Abu Dhabi chamber of commerce visited LandOcean’s booth

  Negotiated with potential client