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LandOcean Group Attended 2016 ADIPEC

LandOcean Group Attended 2016 ADIPEC

LandOcean Group Attended 2016 ADIPEC

2016/11/16 14:55
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 Middle East still increasingly attracts powerful players and pioneers in oil & gas market. As the most influential oil & gas exhibition in the world, 2016 ADIPEC was held during November 7th to 10th, 2016 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates. It achieved a higher record this year, with over 95,000 attendees, 10% more than 2015, 2,000+ exhibitors and 25 pavilions from 120 countries.

Business Meeting with Local Partners

    Mr. Mike Deng, Vice President of LandOcean Group, led a delegation of a dozen members from LandOcean Group’s major and active subsidiaries including LandOcean International Corporation, Sincep, JAS, Omax, and from strategic partners TCK. W and AYA Energy Solutions.

     During this 4-day show, in order to satisfy visitors’ core concern, the delegation have introduced   proven technologies, services and products domestically and internationally, such as integrated exploration and development platform EPoffice®, reservoir characterization services, digital pipeline, digital oilfield(DOF), wireline/slickline/logging unit, well testing equipment, oily sludge treatment, wastewater treatment, cementing slurry systems and EPC/IPM. 

Senior Management of National Drilling Company(NDC) Visited LandOcean Group

    In addition, the delegation demonstrated highlights which LandOcean Group were lately involved in since 2015 ADIPEC, including LandOcean Cloud®, centrifugal gas compressors, steam turbines, EPC for LNG/CNG plant and terminal. This new business attracted plenty of clients in Middle East. The delegation also had a full discussion on prospective cooperation with visitors from major oil and service companies in Middle East and Africa.

Delegation of LandOcean Group

Mr. Mike Deng, LandOcean Group VP, in Talk with Partners

     We appreciate your continuous attention and support to LandOcean Group.