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      LandOcean Energy Services Co.,Ltd.(referred to as: Hengtai Epp or LandOcean)) is a high-tech, group, international integrated energy service provider. Hengtai Epp Group was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 7, 2011, with the stock code: 300157.

      Hengtai Aipu Group is a national high-tech enterprise, a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, a national independent innovation demonstration zone enterprise of Zhongguancun, and a “100-000-project” enterprise of Zhongguancun. It has many independent intellectual property rights and core technologies.

     Hengtai Epp Group has academician workstations, postdoctoral workstations and Beijing engineering laboratories, and its technological innovation and product application are in the leading position in the industry. After years of development, it has formed a “3+2” development model for energy technology and technology services plus new business development. Among them, G&G Geology and Geophysics (hereinafter referred to as “G&G Business Segment”), engineering technology and high-end equipment manufacturing constitute three major components. Hengtai Aip's comprehensive industrial chain comprehensive energy service capabilities, and on the basis of these three sectors, extended the development of two major new areas of cloud computing big data and new business development.

2000 trillion times/second

Computing power

Have a core subsidiary

Intellectual property

15 homes

495 items

Bodaruiheng-High-tech Enterprise Certificate
Energy Technology Research Institute - High-tech Enterprise Certificate
Bodaruiheng-High-tech Enterprise Certificate
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