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  LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LandOcean) is developing both in international and domestic market by serving the oil and gas industry in a wide scope, from R&D of high-end technology, product sales to technical services. LandOcean was honored with “National Innovation Model Enterprise” by Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Municipal Government. Besides, LandOcean is a listed high-tech company on the Growth Enterprise Market (Stock code: 300157).

  LandOcean has the capability of a) R&D and commercialization of petroleum exploration and development software, oil and gas equipment, downhole equipment, as well as instrument technology; b) global sales of petroleum exploration and development software, oil and gas equipment, downhole equipment, as well as instrument technology; c) providing technical services utilizing petroleum exploration and development software, oil and gas equipment, downhole equipment, as well as instrument technology.

  With self-developed technology and products, LandOcean strives to discover oil & gas reservoirs and improve drilling success rate for domestic and overseas petroleum companies, as well as provide comprehensive technical services for oil and gas development projects .

  Headquartered in Beijing, LandOcean has the following fully-owned and holding subsidiaries in China and abroad.





  With over 400 employees, aged about 35 years old, LandOcean has attracted many top talents in the fields of geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering. They possess solid theoretical background and rich experience in domestic and international services. 66% of them hold advanced degrees, including professors, senior engineers, post-doctorates, doctors and masters.

  In addition, LandOcean attaches great importance in attracting overseas talents to join us. 14 talents who got their doctoral or master degree abroad have been recruited as LandOceaners.

  Moreover, Academician Workstation, Postdoctoral Workstation and Beijing Data-Processing Engineering Laboratory for Oil and Gas Exploration have been established and approved in LandOcean by related authority.

  LandOcean has been awarded “Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base” by Central Committee, Beijing Municipal Committee and China University of Geosciences (Beijing) of Communist Youth League. In 2012, LandOcean was awarded “2011 Beijing Top 100 Employers for University Graduates” by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.

  LandOcean attaches great importance to R&D and innovation. Since establishment of LandOcean, the R&D investment makes up over 15% of operating revenues each year. Until now LandOcean owns more than 100 software copyrights and patented technologies (including two geophysical invention patents). Currently, there are more than 80 R&D personnel in LandOcean who have long-term stable and abundant experience in software development in the industry. More of the R&D experts, product designers and software engineers are inter-disciplinary talents and have expertise in geophysics, petroleum geology, computer science and applied mathematics.

  LandOcean has invited internationally distinguished scientists and experts, including Mr. Jia Chengzao, geoscientist in geology and tectonics and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as well as Mr. KONDRASHKOV V., academician of Russia Academy of Sciences, to be company’s senior scientific consultants. LandOcean is in a strategic cooperative relationship with Mr. Liu Guangding, academician of CAS and world-renowned geoscientist in marine geology and geophysics, as well as Mr. Tong Xiaoguang, academician of CAS and expert in petroleum geological exploration. Besides, we have established close cooperation with world famous research institutions, universities and scholars around the world. Therefore, our company always enjoys the latest scientific and research fruits of oil exploration and development, which makes our technology and products standing out in the field.

  Based on the domestic market, LandOcean strives to give full play to our comprehensive advantages in oil and gas technology as well as domestic and international cooperation, and to develop the technology and market of unconventional oil & gas, especially the shale gas technology. Regarding the overseas market, LandOcean will speed up our development pace in African and Latin American markets, win our market share in the Middle East and CIS region, and seize the opportunity of entering the petroleum technological services market in western developed countries.

  In the future, LandOcean will expand three services including marine, marine facies and overseas services and implement the “Three-Three” strategy to widen, broaden and lengthen our business scope, through taking advantage of the resources of three markets referring to domestic, overseas and capital markets. Relying on our self-developed technical products, LandOcean strives to become the largest and strongest oil and gas exploration and development technology services company in China, even in Asia-Pacific area, through technical services provision and software products sales.

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