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News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2014 SPE ATCE and Obtained a Successful Conclusion

News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2014 SPE ATCE and Obtained a Successful Conclusion

News Brief: LandOcean Attended 2014 SPE ATCE and Obtained a Successful Conclusion

2014/11/04 14:33
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  At 9:00am on Oct.27 Netherland local time, 2014 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition hold by Society of petroleum Engineers formally opened at RAI Conference Center, Amsterdam. SPE is the world's most authoritative professional association in reservoir engineering industry. ATCE is the largest oil & gas field development and engineering technology display and communication platform. This is the second time that LandOcean attend the SPE ATCE.

  LandOcean displayed company’s independent innovative EPoffice reservoir development technology and software during the three-day exhibition, including Geological Analysis and Reservoir Modeling Solution-LandMod, Integrated Modeling and Simulation of Fractured Reservoirs Solution-LandFrac, the New Generation of Reservoir Data Simulation Software-LandSim, Dynamic Production Analysis System-DPA, Economic Evaluation and Planning Software-R&P and other industry’s leading technology. Technical expert Dr. Gongbin gave a wonderful live demonstration and explanation on fracture prediction, modeling and digital technology and software. Mr. Wang Zhenyu, the Product Director of Oil-gas Development Software in LandOcean, explained the Economic Evaluation and Planning Software. The advanced technology and software attracted numerous audiences with great interest. The President of Nigeria LIVING STONE GROUP, Mr. Abasiubong, took a keen interest in EPoffice reservoir prediction software, learned the technology of reservoir prediction, modeling and simulation of fractured reservoirs in detail, and the price, training and a series of related issues. Both sides agreed to promote the development of EPoffice software in Nigeria market.

  Congratulations to LandOcean for obtaining a complete success in 2014 SPE ATCE.