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Reservoir development

Reservoir development

Reservoir development

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1. Reservoir description
Reservoir fine description is the technical service of geological model for reservoir management at all stages of reservoir development, with the description of stratigraphic framework, reservoir and effective reservoir and fluid spatial distribution as the core. Its contents include fine stratigraphic division based on high resolution sequence stratigraphic analysis for carbonate, clastic and igneous reservoirs, fine structural interpretation based on combination of well and three-dimensional seismic, well logging facies and geology, and production performance by comprehensive utilization of seismic, geological, logging, core, oil testing and production data. Seismic facies associated with various types of rock sedimentary facies or lithofacies analysis; reservoir physical properties based on seismic attributes, elastic parameter inversion and post-stack inversion; fracture spatial distribution description based on seismic reflection anisotropy characteristics; reservoir characteristics analysis based on dynamic and static data; and the establishment of facies by integrating the results of the previous work Three dimensional geological model for fine reservoir control, geological reserve calculation and uncertainty analysis.
The technical feature is to construct the sedimentary facies and reservoir distribution of complex reservoirs through the joint interpretation of well and seismic data by using a series of software of the company's own intellectual property rights, especially for the carving of fracture and karst cave systems in carbonate formations, which has a unique supporting technology, and has accumulated a large number in many areas at home and abroad. Service experience.
Two. Reservoir dynamic analysis
Using numerical simulation and conventional reservoir engineering analysis technology, based on static data and production performance data of wells in the reservoir, this paper comprehensively analyses the variation law of well pressure and production and its controlling factors, and then studies the division of reservoir units, decline law of production wells, water invasion rate of reservoir, bottom water coning and adaptability of injection-production system. The degree of reservoir reserve production, the distribution of remaining oil and the calibration of recoverable reserves provide a basis for the formulation of reservoir development plans and tapping potential of old oilfields.
The characteristic technology is dynamic analysis of heavy oil reservoir, fractured reservoir and condensate gas reservoir.
Three. Reservoir development plan
1. Conventional reservoir development plan design
According to the reservoir characteristics, the most effective development mode, reasonable well spacing design, the most effective control of water-oil ratio and gas-oil ratio in the production process are determined to obtain the highest oil recovery and maximum economic benefits.
2. Development plan design of heavy oil reservoir
For ordinary heavy oil reservoirs and super heavy oil reservoirs, reasonable steam injection timing, reasonable steam injection speed, steam injection pressure, steam injection dryness, steam injection intensity and so on are proposed.
3. Development plan for fractured reservoirs:
Fractured reservoirs generally have the characteristics of low permeability. In view of the characteristics of such reservoirs, we focus on the optimization of well pattern, the reasonable allocation of well spacing and fractures, etc.
4. Design of gas reservoir development plan
According to the types and driving modes of gas reservoirs, rational well pattern arrangement, gas well production test, production system and productivity evaluation, unstable well test analysis of gas wells and numerical simulation of gas reservoirs, reasonable gas production rate and control scheme of edge and bottom water of gas reservoirs are put forward.
Four, development plan adjustment
According to reservoir structure, reservoir distribution, reservoir physical properties, fluid properties, fluid distribution and production characteristics, development adjustment wells are deployed, and new development scheme system of old oilfields is reconstructed to improve oil field production effect.
Five. Technical and economic policy limits for reservoir development
Through sensitivity analysis of economic reservoir parameters for reservoir development, reasonable development strata, well pattern, well spacing, reasonable liquid-oil recovery rate, reasonable formation pressure level, reasonable flow pressure and reasonable working system for special reservoirs are determined; reasonable oil-steam ratio, limit oil-steam ratio, reasonable periodic oil production and limit periodic oil production for heavy oil steam stimulation are determined. Quantity, limit waste oil production and so on.