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Field seismic data processing system
Software overview
LD-SeisFast is an efficient on-site seismic data processing system, which mainly includes data decomposition, definition of observation system and QC, bad channel editing, first break refraction static correction, noise suppression, amplitude compensation, deconvolution, velocity analysis, reflection residual static correction and superposition. The system can analyze the field acquisition data quickly and effectively, and obtain the final superimposed profile to monitor the field acquisition methods and acquisition quality.
software function
On-site data quality monitoring: It can provide monitoring maps of location, elevation, offset, azimuth and coverage number distribution of artillery inspection points.
Frequency spectrum analysis and frequency scanning: can be used for whole channel spectrum analysis, can also be used for time window (shallow, medium and deep) spectrum analysis; can be used for frequency scanning to investigate the effective wave and interference wave frequency band distribution.
Interference wave analysis and suppression: It is used to investigate the interference wave existing in the recording, such as surface wave, linear interference, multiple wave and acoustic wave interference, and to suppress the interference wave by adopting corresponding technology, such as inclination filtering, frequency wavenumber domain multiple wave attenuation, etc.
Energy analysis and compensation: The energy difference between traces and between guns is analyzed and compensated, so that after seismic records are compensated, the energy of effective waves in shallow, middle and deep layers is basically balanced, and there is no obvious energy difference between guns and between traces.
Refractive statics: It can automatically pick up first break refraction wave, edit abnormal values in batches, calculate refractive statics, and get refractive statics, which can effectively solve the problem of medium and long wavelength statics.
Surface consistent deconvolution: Spatially variable multi-time windows can be designed to make the statistical deconvolution operator more reasonable and effectively improve the temporal resolution of seismic records.
Residual statics: further solve residual static correction problems and improve stacking quality.
Fine speed analysis and variable speed scanning: it can play a greater advantage for low SNR data.