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  LandOcean possesses advanced software products and technology in seismic acquisition, data processing, interpretation, integrated reservoir characterization and modeling, and rich labor resources and state-of-the-art hardware capacities. With these valuable resources, we strive to supply excellent technical services to oil companies and research organizations around the world and provide solutions to technical problems of complicated geological environment, which has endowed us with much practical experience and enabled us to improve the software products continually. We not only provide integrated solutions to reservoir exploration deployment, assessment and scheme design, but also the following distinctive technical services:

  ● Conventional and innovative 2D/3D seismic data processing

  ●2D/3D seismic data pre-stack time migration; shot domain/ two-way wave equation(reverse time) pre-stack depth migration

  ● Detailed structural interpretation

  ● Prediction and description of lithological (hidden) reservoirs

  ●Quantitative prediction and 3D visualization of fracture-cave system in carbonate reservoir

  ● Prediction and characterization of fracture reservoirs using pre-stack seismic data

  ● Iterative reservoir prediction based on co-modeling inversion

  ● Pre-stack seismic inversion for elastic parameters

  ● High-resolution seismic hybrid inversion without well constraint

  ● 2D/3D Wave equation forward modeling

  ● AVO/FVO analysis for fluid and hydrocarbon detection

  ● Reservoir spectral imaging and its application in fluid detection

  ●low frequency enhancement and high frequency attenuation ---effective reservoir detection

  ● Construction of facies-based geologic model

  ● Reservoir simulation and history-match for complex reservoirs

  ● Research for delineation of by-passed hydrocarbon

  ● Enhanced oil recovery analysis

  ● Reserve estimation

  ● 4D seismic interpretation

  ● Exploration planning

  ● Field development planning

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